not here :(

Anyone got the Mordhau alpha?

I played the beta a little, I had a freezing screen every 30 seconds, it was unplayable

yeah saw it on social media, looks just terrible:D

Anyone else know that mirage warfare released yesterday? Had 75 players at peak!! rip

And yeah Mordhau release seems soooo far from now :/

haha it's not that old Twiggy !

Also this shoutbox doesnt have months so who knows when these comments were made :p

I'd wait for release for Mordhau as its wayyy cheaper ($60 --> $20 or something) unless you're super keen :D

Was thinking about that as well, sadly I couldnt support it on Kickstarter with the few payments possible. But as fat as I know the beta or full release will be around august 2k18?

so we're still alive I guess, maybe reboot with the good old gang when Mordhau comes out??

Yeah, we have some new boys in the squad while you two aren't playing

and who is TPL Fafnir?

hey guys who is |TPL| Wodi ?

I played Alpha, both Betas and bought it for the Release. Still playing it and I think i will continue to do so

so who keeps on playing it ? I've tried the alpha and thought it was boring. How is it now after release ?

For Honor Open Beta: 09.02-12.02


I signed up for it, but I'm not expecting much, just want some other melee game to play other than Chivalry :)))

Anyone interested in For Honor? Beta starts in about 2 weeks

Hey guys, you should check this game out!! Looks pretty fun, I might get it!! Heck, maybe we could even make a clan and get really good so we can play competitively???

wassup guys ?

I think you did a clean install of Windows 10, wasn't there another option to install Windows 10 with your existing files

Staying with 7 for the better