Read - Recruitment standards

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Read - Recruitment standards

Postby Alymere » 18 Apr 2013, 19:31


Things we look for in a recruit:

1) Friendliness & Activity
2) Skill

The recruitment period lasts three weeks.

1) Be active in Chivalry Medieval Warfare,

2) Be active on our Teamspeak 3,

3) Make an effort to get to know our members,

4) Attend our Training's (Wednesday (competitive) and Sundays (casual) @ 8:00 PM GMT summertime)

At the end of your three week recruitment period, on Sundays training, you will have a trial by combat as your last test before being either accepted (and can then apply the tags to your steam name and become one of us ;) ) or declined.

This trial by combat will make you face 3 of each class, and it's mainly just for fun so we get to know your skill level.
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Re: Read - Recruitment standards

Postby Babar » 02 Jul 2014, 18:44

Additional rule :

  • you should not be part of another team (as a regular member or a recruit) while you make an application to TPL

    • If this is the case and you want to apply, you must quit the clan you're in first.

    • It works the same backwards, if you are a TPL recruit and you want to apply to another clan, it would be appreciated if you could inform a TPL clan leader first (RemenCo and I).

It might be common sense but we felt like it had to be said since it happened a few times.
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