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Re: Recruitment

Postby Babar » 09 Sep 2014, 18:51

OK so let's write some guidelines.

We create a thread for each recruit in the private forum where everybody can (should) write what he thinks, good bad stuff about the recruit.
At the end of the 3 weeks someone (Ludi, Remen or I for example but it could be anybody in fact) make a call depending on the comments (accepted or rejected).
Then other members have 24 hours for putting a veto which leads to further discussion. An extension of the trial period could also be asked if the person hasn't be very active (1 or 2 more weeks).

Do you agree with this ?

Recruit Manager
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Re: Recruitment

Postby Ludicrosity » 09 Sep 2014, 18:53

Sounds good to me m8


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