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Re: "Training"

Postby At0m » 04 Jan 2015, 13:59

this evening would be good :)

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Re: "Training"

Postby Thunder » 04 Jan 2015, 15:15

I can do tonight :)

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Re: "Training"

Postby Billie » 05 Jan 2015, 05:50

Sorry lads, i had to go yesterday it was too late.

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Re: "Training"

Postby Blueblood » 05 Jan 2015, 11:21

@Billie: no problem man, you played the whole Darkoforest 6v6 match which was the most important one, its all good :)

Yes we had a training yesterday and it was pretty succesfull, we had 12 people [R= Recruit]:
(i asked everyone of the clan to partecipate in this training, the people who could play / wanted to play are below)

-Oslay (R)
-Edd (he's good, we needed 1 more player)
-Billie (R, without TS)
-Jinx (R, without mic,)
-Sora (he doesn't need TS, he's a beast :D )
-Thunder (R, let's talk about him in his recruit thread)
-Jinno (R, probably the MVP of the training session)
-MihaiMese (he has to practise alot, he has no idea what to do in teamfights)

We did some other 5v5, 4v4s, 3v3s when people were leaving

Laegoll joined later when the training was over, and we were doing 2v2 (laegoll, jinno, me and sora). He was completely drunk and he was talking no sense, saying random shit (let's forget, i guess?)

Thanks for who joined the training, hope you learnt something from it. I liked how you guys were trying to make some good tactics for the objective, and the teamfights played very well.

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Re: "Training"

Postby RemenCo » 05 Jan 2015, 12:17

Im sorry but I dont like it how you talk about Mihai, I wasnt in the training yesterday but i played with him a lot of scrims since his first day. We played against almost every clan and TLO as well and he was doing a great job in the scrims. Saying he has no idea is really mean in my opinion.

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Re: "Training"

Postby Jinx » 05 Jan 2015, 12:44

We all have something we can improve on so I dont think it's fair to pick on one person in particular. Some needs to get better at targetswitching. Some need to work on footwork. Some need to get better at communication (yeah I know I'm not the one to speak since I dont have mic). Some needs to get better at keeping an eye on teammates and enemies in general. Etc... I for one need to work on all these, and more. I think the important thing is just to make a friendly suggestion when we see a clanmember lacking in one area :)

I've also learned from other games it's important to reflect on your own play if you want to improve. We all forget that sometimes, and focus too much on others.

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Re: "Training"

Postby Blueblood » 05 Jan 2015, 13:08

I didn't mean to be mean at all, maybe it was just his bad day, i'm just stating true facts, i have no problem against him, he's a funny person and i like him. In that training session, he didn't know how to teamfight and it's true, also later in the 3v3 he wasnt' good at all. It's not my fault guys, i'm just saying and stating what i see, and what we could improve together, so if i see someone playing bad, i say it so we can improve him and he can practise more or whatever.

Other than that, i just remembered that he came back for some weeks of inactivity(he had to do some in real life stuff, or was on vacation, i dont remember that), so that might be the reason of his lack of skill in that training.

Shit happens, right? Take it as an information, not a judgement. I never judge anyone :)

Edit: @whoever was in the training: You guys agree on how MihaiMese was playing yesterday? (@Mihai: you can also tell your opinion m8 :) )

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Re: "Training"

Postby Sora » 05 Jan 2015, 13:29

Blueblood wrote:@whoever was in the training: You guys agree on how MihaiMese was playing yesterday?

I do believe that he's fairly decent in TO 5v5 scrims because he can either flank or do objectives easily without worrying about clashing any enemy in 1v1 or 1v2 that often at least.

On other hand. in LTS: 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4. It's all about killing your enemies with a bit of teamwork and targetswitching. This is where Mihai lacks at from what I've seen.
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Re: "Training"

Postby MihaiMese » 05 Jan 2015, 14:31

Well I find this a bit confusing, because my weakness actually lies in 1v1. From my point of view I did alright yesterday, but I'm being subjective, since it's me I'm talking about :D

A few things I want to mention:
- I couldn't use my throwing axes in the LTS fights... and I love my axes :)
- Yes, I came from a two week vacation away from the game - I did play some on Saturday, before the Sunday's training, but that's it
- I'm still level 42 (was 38 when I joined you guys), with 0 previous competitive experience (or coordinated team play), prior to joining this clan
- I had a heavy dinner and a beer before the game :D
- In one of the LTS matches (4v4 I think) I had the most kills in the team, precisely because I got some good hits switching targets

(added later): - when I play on public servers, I play Team Objective 99% of the time, and in most cases I finish in the top 3 spots in the team. Maybe that doesn't mean much, but I get the points because I do go for the objective and try to help the team I'm in, and in my opinion I'm a lot better at teaming than at duels.

Do I need to improve? Sure I do. Positioning, footwork, blocking timing and duels. But I know I try to do my best every time. And I do think you're underrating my performance from yesterday, a bit. I accept the criticism though. It's just that I'm surprised, I didn't think it was that bad.

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Re: "Training"

Postby Ludicrosity » 05 Jan 2015, 17:04

Don't worry mihai, I think blueblood is being too harsh on you. You play well, it's just your play style isn't very consistent enough. I mean you swing a lot to try and bait the enemy out (sometimes, but I'm pretty sure you do this :^) and you out range the enemy or use footwork to get your first hit in (but what if enemy out ranges your bait swings or doesn't fall for bait?).
But that's all I know about how you fight right now. Just learn to cftp/ftp well and manage your stamina well and we could see an improvement in your play. But ofc if you need help just ask for duels and you can learn mechanics the ez way :^)


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