Application - Vanguard - Dragn TPL Application

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Application - Vanguard - Dragn TPL Application

Postby Dragn » 21 Apr 2017, 20:43

Application Name: Dragn TPL Application

Steam profile:

Age: 15

Location: Norway

Do you have a mic, and are you willing to come on teamspeak? Yes, yes

Previous clan experience? Member of mulitple clans such as: Oblivion Plague, Retarded Melee Gamers and Vicious Qualities

Preferred main class? Vanguard

Other classes you can play (at a good level)? Knight

Why do you want to join TPL? I want to join TPL because i like the people and have a few friends in it already, and i also would like to play more competetive matches in Chivalry.

Are you interested in competitive play, such as organized matches and tournaments or just strictly casual gaming? I am interested in all types of competetive play, and fine with casual play

Can you attend trainings on sunday(casual) / wednesday(competitive)? Yes

In-game rank? 35

Time played, hours on Steam? 455

Do you know anyone in the clan already? Yes, i know Imöra and Bruno very well and have previously played in competetive clans with them and i have played with some of the other guys a few times in pugs aswell

How did you find us? I found the clan when i watched a scrim between TPL and some other clan.

Have you read the TPL expectations? Yes

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Re: Application - Vanguard - Dragn TPL Application

Postby Ludicrosity » 22 Apr 2017, 21:37

Hey there, never mind the training sessions, just be online and willing to scrim for us (you can practice if you really want) ;) ;) ;)

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