Application - Knight - Big Dan

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Application - Knight - Big Dan

Postby Big Dan » 29 Mar 2016, 19:12

Application Name: Big Dan

Steam profile: http:// ... 8057674593

Age: 22

Location: England

Do you have a mic, and are you willing to come on teamspeak? Yes

Previous clan experience? Former leader of Clash

Preferred main class? Knight

Other classes you can play (at a good level)? I play all

Why do you want to join TPL? I have always seen TPL as the top clan despite the fact \"Lions/SS\" keeps stacking players to cheaply win previous tournaments. This is because they use their own loyal members and they are extremely close and win not because of mercs but because of their actual long-term clan members. I would like to be a part of this and I am willing to train as hard as possible and for as long as possible until I can be considered.
The reason I want to join TPL as opposed to sticking with Clash is because I\'ve trained with Clash for the past 2 years and for the 3 TO tournaments I\'ve been a part of my team always got DNF\'d; first tournament was because I was a noobie and I didn\'t really know what was going on I just wanted to experience it. Second was because 2/6 of my main team roster got their AM/PM\'s mixed up and thought the tournament started at midnight so I was given the choice forfeit like so many other clans or take recruits. Third time I had main team but only 1 other player besides me wanted to win it, everyone else was either silent and played badly or got negative which brought the entire team down to a point of given up. I made the decision right after to not spend another year training a new or even the same main team just to be swiftly DNF\'d again. I want to become a part of TPL and win the next tournament from now until and into Mordhau.

Are you interested in competitive play, such as organized matches and tournaments or just strictly casual gaming? Entirely competitive.

Can you attend trainings on sunday(casual) / wednesday(competitive)? Yes. To expand on this my routine week-to-week is pretty much work until 5pm UK time where I am free for the rest of the night unless I go to the gym. On weekends I usually go out but for tournaments or if a particular training session is required of me I will make time. I would prefer to know exact timeslots so I can plan my days in advance.

In-game rank? 48

Time played, hours on Steam? 1830 at the time of writing this

Do you know anyone in the clan already? Mostly Flor, although I have participated in scrims with/against the full main team.

How did you find us? Through word of mouth since joining the competitive scene.

Have you read the TPL expectations? Yes

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